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About Us

My name is Mark Grover. I taught myself to play guitar by teaching myself to read tablature when I was in high school. When what used to be the Online Guitar Archive (OLGA) went defunct, I began transcribing guitar music for myself, as there was nothing new that I wanted to learn available on the internet. This was an incredible learning experience for me. I developed my ear and my playing quite a bit during that period. I started out creating ASCII text files and then went on to learn various tablature programs; including Tabit, PowerTab, GuitarPro, and eventually Finale. I'm learning more everyday. 

While this is a hobby, it is something I do take very seriously. I actually transcribe songs for myself when my client workload isn't so demanding. Challenging myself to delve into pieces that are out of my normal comfort zone, as well as those within it but are exceedingly difficult. 

One of my current pet projects is creating a library of what I consider to be "milestone" pieces that are not in print anywhere else. Pieces I feel need to not be forgotten. My friends in the guitar world have been consulted in various areas to help make sure they are as accurate as possible. For instance, artists such as Michael Hedges and Eric Roche have made tremendous contributions to the fingerstyle world, but sadly passed away before they could see the fingerstyle guitar renaissance we've been lucky enough to experience in the last few years. There are so many of their compositions that were not documented for other players to study. In the case of Michael Hedges, I had a few of the students that studied under fingerstyle guru and Hedges authority John Stropes at UWM look over and offer advice on a transcription I did for Michael's arrangement of Frank Zappa's (another artist gone too soon) song "Sofa No.1". In the case of Eric Roche, former Roche student Thomas Leeb (who co-wrote Roche's book "Tab Collection #1") was consulted to produce an accurate transcription of the song "Deep Deep Down" from Eric's last studio album "With These Hands". Maybe someday I can make these available to the public somehow, but it just makes me happy to have done them for now.