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If you didn't somehow get to this website by mistake, then these are some web sites that may be of interest to you! - The is a website where guitarists from all over the world have the sale and distribution of their sheet music handled! It is free to sign up and they only charge artists a very small amount for a transaction fee. I have created several tabs for distribution on this site and recommend it to independent artists all the time!

Canadian Guitar Festival - I am a new member of the street team, helping promote this yearly event in Kingston, Ontario Canada by posting content to their Facebook page. They have some of the best acoustic fingerstyle players in the world there every year and it is a truly incredible experience! 

Eric Roche Fanpage - I operate the Facebook page for all things Eric Roche in conjunction with a few of Eric's friends. I am in the process of creating new transcriptions of Eric's music and will hopefully be sold to benefit his family. Click here to visit Eric's official site which is still up and running to sign his guestbook! 

Michael Hedges Fanpage - I operate the Facebook page for all things Michael Hedges. As a fan I find that there is not much going on to actively preserve the legacy of a man that so significantly altered the landscape of acoustic music. I am also working on new Hedges transcriptions!