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 My rates are competitive and flexible to meet the needs of today's working artists. Quotes for requests will be given on a song-by-song basis. Some will obviously take longer than others.

I can do transcriptions from audio only, but video is a BIG plus. It takes the guess work out of the fingerings and slurs. If a video is not available and there are techniques used that are not discernible, I am available for Skype consults but can usually get most questions answered via email. 

Project Format Options

I offer my services in the following formats. I can also provide various print formats including PDF, JPEG, TIF, XML, etcetera. If your project requires another format then please let me know and I'll let you know if I can accommodate :


Open source freeware, it has a lot of features and a large user base. Print quality finished product, but limited formatting options.

Guitar Pro 5

Reasonably priced guitar tab software, it has a lot more features than PowerTab and is the program of choice for a lot of pros. It also has it's limitations.

Guitar Pro 6

I just got this program and it appears to have quite a bit more features and freedom than its predecessor.

Finale 2012

Finale is the industry standard for music scoring and is infinitely customizable. If you want your transcription to be printed in a magazine or book, it would likely be required to be in this format.